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Thirst For Righteousness, Hunger For Holiness

Thirst For Righteousness, Hunger For Holiness

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Unusual doesn't mean odd; it means different. What sets you apart from other people? This book shows the most teachable places aren't always where you think.

The feet of Jesus in the Biblical days was where people of all ages sat to listen and learn to live a righteous life, a holy life; this book provides practical insight on what that’s like. It's for all who are willing to seek Christ on another level, dealing with the inner you to get to the depth of your purpose!

God wants to fulfill your desires. If it brings Him glory, He will fulfill it. What is your life like now? If you’re a leader, are you leading to the best of your ability? Are you operating with clean hands and a pure heart?

Get to the place in your life where you are so committed to God, that you become unusual or as some would say peculiar.

You are a rare breed; ministry isn’t the same everywhere. Your marriage doesn't have to look like someone else’s. Your single life doesn't have to look like a desperate life. Your kids don't have to act like everyone else's.

This book was birthed through prayer. The title came to me while in the midst of prayer. It's filled with amazing insights.


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