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Workbook: Am I Doing This Wrong?

Workbook: Am I Doing This Wrong?

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Let’s talk communicationIt’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

Communication is an art in itself, for many of us we have our “way” of getting a point across. For some of us we are passionate communicators, while others are more passive, a bit calm. Both are ok, it’s not what you are saying, it’s how you are saying it.

Healthy communication goes both ways, listening and responding. The key is how to listen and how to respond.

Are you listening with a response in mind already? Or are you really listening, captivating every word being said, being attentive, so that you can respond well?

Sometimes we don’t want a response, we just want to be heard. Many of us would be ok with just a simple validation. Words like, that makes sense, I hear you, you have a right to feel that way.

Words like this go a long way. Security is a big deal for women, and respect is a big deal for men.

Let’s dive into understanding proper communication!

  • Week 1: Discover Who YOU Really Are...
  • Week 2: Uncover Embedded Teachings In Your Life
  • Week 3: What Does Accountability Look Like to You?
  • Week 4: Break Free From Your Default Settings
  • Week 5: Gain Self-Control
  • Week 6: Learn how to Set Healthy Boundaries
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